[luatex] First question: Retrieve *family* name of a font / the three main families

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Sun Jan 21 12:37:17 CET 2018

21. Januar 2018 05:44, "Dirk Laurie" <dirk.laurie at gmail.com> schrieb:

> 2018-01-21 2:44 GMT+02:00 Urs Liska <lists at openlilylib.org>:
>> Of course, but that's beside the point as of course you *can* use any font in LilyPond. But there
>> are no finer options such as detailed implicit selection of font weights, optical sizes (although
>> it does so for notation font!), openType features. But even worse, there's really no useful
>> paragraph formatting. Paragraphs are as ugly as when you disable hyphenation in LibreOffice.
>> Developers are of course aware of this and are not happy about it, but there simply is no capacity
>> to do anything about it.
> Another option is to use MusiXTeX instead of LilyPond.

I have skimmed the MusiXTeX manual and found the impression confirmed that I had from reading the music-tex mailing list: both from the input and the output this is no option for me to replace LilyPond.

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