[luatex] First question: Retrieve *family* name of a font / the three main families

Br. Samuel Springuel rpspringuel at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 20:29:04 CET 2018

On 1/20/18 11:36 AM, Ulrike Fischer wrote:
> Well as I already wrote on tex.SX it is rather unclear what you mean
> by family and how you want to use it.

The goal is to be able to pass the information to another program, 
LilyPond, and use it to set the fonts there so that there is some 
consistency in the look of documents which mix results from LuaTeX and 
LilyPond (and it happens automatically).

Unlike LuaTex (and other TeX flavors) which permit mixing fonts as 
you've indicated, LilyPond doesn't.  Instead it defines three font 
groups: roman, sans, and typewriter.  Within those groups changes in 
weight, shape, etc. are automatically done within the same font family. 
I.e. if I define the roman font to be Century Schoolbook, then the bold 
text will always be the Century Schoolbook-Bold.  If I define it to be 
Arial then bold will be Arial Bold.  So far as I know, there is no way 
to do something like what you indicate is possible in LuaTeX within 
LilyPond.  In this respect, selecting the font in LilyPond is like 
selecting a font in a "dumb" program like Word or OpenOffice.

When Urs says he wants the font family, then, he's looking for that 
primary name which would allow a "dumb" program to select the normal, 
bold, italic, etc. font varieties from that same family.
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