[luatex] Writing a LuaTeX-powered equation editor with 2D math input

Marduk BP marduk at ciencias.unam.mx
Thu Dec 6 16:28:33 CET 2018

Dear all,

I have long wanted to have an equation editor with 2D math input for use in
LibreOffice, Inkscape, Emacs and anywhere one would like to enter math
formulas. The only program I know of this kind is MathType, which does not
work on Linux. I am aware of LyX and Texmacs, which provide 2D math input,
but they are overkill for this purpose.

My understanding is that LuaTeX provides a Lua API to the TeX typesetting
engine and, in principle, it should be possible to use it for 2D math input
in a standalone equation editor. Assuming this is correct, can you provide
some pointers to examples of programmatic use of TeX in Lua and pointers to
specific parts of the documentation, that are relevant for such a project?

Best regards,
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