[luatex] Luatex 1.07.0 announcement

luigi scarso luigi.scarso at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 13:48:31 CEST 2018

LuaTeX 1.07 2018-01-17

(1) This release brings Lua 5.3 to LuaTeX. We have tested an experimental
for a few months and not encountered issues.

(2) If you use Lua 5.3 you should be aware of a few changes in the language
its implementation. Numbers are now either integers or floats but are cast

(3) In some cases (e.g. string.format) there is a more strict check. A
float always
has a decimal appended when serialized, so 1 becomes 1.0 as string.

(4) We keep supporting the bit32 library on top of the new bit operators.
Be aware
of the fact that currently LuajitTeX does not have these operators.

(5) Performance of LuaTeX with Lua 5.3 can be slightly better than with 5.2
but this
really depends on your usage of Lua. In practice there should be no

(6) We are aware of possible substantial slowdown of string.format
depending on the
platform and compiler. This depends on Lua too and will be resolved in due

(7) If you want to test with Lua 5.3 then have to build LuaTeX with
--lua53. Because
ConTeXt will switch to 5.3 after this release there will be binaries
available at the
ConTeXt garden.

(8) The 2018 TeXlive distribution will ship with LuaTeX using Lua 5.2 but
there will
likely be an additional binary LuaTeX53 available.

(9) From 2019 TeXlive will ship with LuaTeX and Lua 5.3 as default. We
provide --lua52
as build flag for a while. By then we might be looking at Lua 5.4 already.

(10) There are the usual patches and cleanups and a few small additions
in the manual) but there have been no fundamental changes in the API (apart
removing depricated and undocumented functionality).

The LuaTeX team
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