[luatex] Was: Loading PK fonts in Lua

David Shourabi Porcel david.shourabiporcel at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 02:54:45 CEST 2017

Sorry, I forgot to subscribe to the list.

> You didn't provide a complete example, so I can't test. But the "at
> 216" sounds as if you are using to use the font in a different
> (smaller) size.

Even without the at clause, the backend still doesn't find the PK. The
number is indeed related to the size requested with \font, but also to

The extension (i.e. font.216pk) matches the size the backend is
looking for. I have also tried an extension without number, still
didn't work.

> Why are you trying to load the font in lua instead of loading it
> normally in the tex file?

Because I already had the font loading system in Lua. It didn't work
the plain TeX way, so I thought I had to tinker with Lua (just as with
OpenType fonts).

> David, which manual sais that support for map files might be removed
> in the future?

Quoting the manual:

If no special care is needed, LuaTeX currently falls back to the
mapfile-based solution used by pdfTeX and dvips. This behaviour might
silently be removed in the future, in which case the related
primitives and Lua functions will become no-ops.

Reading it a second time, it seems to refer to the fallback behaviour,
though. My bad.

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