[luatex] synctex fails in luatex 1.06.2

Ulrike Fischer luatex at nililand.de
Tue Nov 21 13:22:36 CET 2017

miktex has updated to luatex 1.06.2 and now synctec fails. sumatra
reports that there are no synchronisation data available. 

It still works in texlive 2017 and so I compared the two synctex
fails and imho the problem is that the link to the main tex file is
missing at the start: 

The synctex files refers to a lot positions in input 0 but the file
list starts with


I added before this line 


and then synchronization worked again. Imho this is a luatex bug.

Side remark: 
The texlive synctex of luatex 1.04 starts with number 1 and not 0
This looks as if the numbering scheme has been changed and could be
the reason why the reference to file 0 is lost.

Ulrike Fischer 

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