[luatex] LuaTeX as a Library

luigi scarso luigi.scarso at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 09:10:31 CET 2017

On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 8:57 AM, Patrick Gundlach <patrick at gundla.ch> wrote:
> Hello Mojca!
>> Sorry for being totally off-topic, but some random thoughts ...
>> - (It would be a lot easier for you to work with patches if luatex
>> development would switch to git. You patches become hard to track as
>> LuaTeX keeps changing. It might be easier to work if someone would
>> make a git repository tracking subversion and updating the repository
>> on regular basis, so that your patches in a special feature branch
>> could be clearly distinguished from upstream changes.)
> +1.
> Currently there is the 'no official mirror of the LuaTeX sources'

We  consider the texlive svn as the official repo for the luatex
sources, but, yes, it's not updated frequently.
It's still a work in progress: we are setup the build farm now, but
bugs fixing and lua53 integration have the precedence.
We hope  for the end of the year to reach a stable situation.


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