[luatex] luatex hangs on lucida OT test file

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Thu Mar 9 15:35:39 CET 2017

On 3/9/2017 3:09 PM, Norbert Preining wrote:
>> None of this has the slightest effect!
> Complain to luatex maintainers about not reusing the ls-R database
> and kpsewhich, but implementing their own solution.
> <rant>
> That is life with luatex (and context), and that is the reason
> most distributions scare away from it, why context is updated
> only once a year on CTAN (TL), and if you really want to use
> new luatex (or context), you need to install your own extra
> distribution (context minimals).
> Sad it is, I have to say, but this is the reality requested and
> forced by the "new world order".
> </rant>
> I could repeat the same outside, <rant>, though. I know Hans and
> others will come up with 150^100 reasons why their way is better
> in all ways, but it does not help, since the rest of the world
> does not completely agree.
>> I'm done, this is simply way above my league and has consumed far too much time already. Will wait for TeX Live 2017.
> That is probably the best way out anyway. Lots of pain for not so
> much gain.

i didn't follow this thread closely but i don't see what the issue of 
updating something lucida has to do with luatex or context

(1) luatex normally uses kpse and lsr whatever so latex should not be 
hampered by anything context; updating a binary on the one hand and some 
macros on the other hand is pretty trivial

(2) i have been using additional paths in texnmf.cnf files for ages with 
pdftex even if when was considered weird and strange (i had to defend it 
which to me makes the remark about it being a brilliant solution in some 
previous mail sound funny)

(3) updating context is not really a problem ... happens frequently on 
the context garden .. yes, if we add somethign to the engine and context 
uses it, one has to update both .. btu that is not related to lucida or 
whatever this thread is about

(4) we do test changes in luatex with plain (which then uses kpse and 
lsr) so again ... no problem

(5) the reason why context follows another route is manyfold and over a 
decade discussed in articles: it's faster (definitely was way faster a 
decade ago, taking a second of tex startup with large trees), we can do 
more things (not only read from the file system),  can plug in all kind 
of input handling code, experiment with sandboxing, have more options 
and control in the main configuration (without the need to bother and 
interfere with other macro packages), etc etc .. if i wouldn't had those 
options i'd already be long gone from the tex community

in retrospect maybe luatex should have been a context only thing so that 
there was no burden on tex live and non context users


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