[luatex] slower texlua at LuaTeX 1.0.4 (TL 2017) ?

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jun 7 15:05:07 CEST 2017

Please calm down

Mojca explained you that the legacy binaries are built with very old gcc, and it is easy to get unoptimized code and big delays

We are all volunteers, feel free to try yourself different compilers, different libc, different optimizations, and report the result.

Why should we do the work?

At the end it is darwinlegacy and most people should upgrade anyway.

Calm down, don't do finger pointing, and relax. Nobody hates you, we are just all humans having our own live...


On June 7, 2017 3:46:28 PM GMT+09:00, jfbu <jfbu at free.fr> wrote:
>> In other words, the issue is a non-issue not worth the time several
>> respected LuaTex experts are putting into it.
>Hi list,
>should I conclude that the LuaTeX experts are not the least
>bit interested into understanding which compilation flags
>were modified and resulted in a texlua twice slower 
>on macOS 10.9.5 with TeXLive 2017 release than it was
>with TeXLive 2016 for the same machine?
>should I conclude it is _my fault_ to have reported this
>FACT at the initial message of this thread?
>did I receive appropriate answers when Hans Hagen
>only reaction was to tell that my code (which
>I said explicitely was NOT MY CODE) was crap and
>could be sped up 99%, which was NOT my question?
>It was the first ever time I ever ran texlua. Next time
>you run some software on your machine and find that
>between version 2016 and version 2017 its execution
>speed has increased 100% maybe you will consider that
>the experts of this software "put some time into understanding
>the cause",

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