[luatex] LuaTeX 1.0.3 announcement

luigi scarso luigi.scarso at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 20:57:09 CET 2017

LuaTeX Release 1.0.3  was released 2017021514

This is a minor upgrade and probably this version will go on texlive.
There are a couple
of fixes and additions.
- We added a few a few more helpers in the pdf namespace (like
  [set|get]omitcidset and set|get]decimaldigits. Some helpers were
moved from the tex
  to the pdf namespace.

- We added a build_page_insert callback for inserts so that one can
for instance adapt
  spacing on demand.

- On the agenda has been some more control over word start and end in
hyphenation and
  this is now possible via hyphenationbounds. We also updated the
manual with some more

- An old tracker item with respect to control over spacing around math
was revived and
  has resulted in mathsurroundmode (one can wonder how useful this is).

- We improved the resolution detection in included jpeg images.

- An ffi library has been added to luatex so that it is more in sync
with luajittex. This
  permits easy and flexible loading of libraries. Our policy is to
make luatex as lean
  as possible with no dependencies and this is a step towards that.
Eventually we hope
  to support all relevant platforms.

- The glue and skip register accessors have been improved as a step in
freeing the user
  from glue spec management.

- We added a few more getters and setters for nodes in order to get a
more consistent

- Irrelevant fields have been removed from the status table and an
engine identifier
  has been added.

- Of course there are numerous fixes and improvements but none of
these have consequences
  for the interfaces.

- The manual has been updated but will be improved over time.

Have fun,
Hans, Luigi, Taco

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