[luatex] A few luatex related questions on tex.stackexchange.com

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Oct 3 15:11:49 CEST 2016

On 10/3/2016 1:08 PM, Christophe Jorssen wrote:
> Hello all,
> First of all: many thanks to the luatex team for all their efforts to
> get luatex version up to 1.0.0.
> luatex is now my default engine. I'm slowly learning luatex specific
> thanks to the manual, the luatex wiki and
> http://tex.stackexchange.com/ Q&A site.
> I've asked there some questions that remains unanswered. I was
> thinking that maybe there are some experts here kindly wishing to
> spend some spare time to answer them. So please forgive my
> "crossposting":
> * Select a font via luaotfload on lua side :
> http://tex.stackexchange.com/q/330839/8425

this is not a question for this list as it's also macro package 
dependent; best ask this on a luaotfload related list (or wait for an 
answer on se)

> A bounty is pending for 23 hours for this question.
> * Can I downsize lua tables generated by luaotfload?
> http://tex.stackexchange.com/q/329935/8425

you can hook in code that does such things but for sure it will break 
something if you use the same font otherwise; there is nothing to gain 
anyway as loading a cached table is pretty fast (esp compared to other 
things done in an average document); also, these tables are already 
optimized quite well

> A feature request for luaotfload and/or context fontloader?
> * How can I use attributes to change color?
> http://tex.stackexchange.com/q/326732/8425

this is macro package specific and as the latex loader is modelled after 
xetex i suppose something is provided (context doesn't do it that way)

> For this last question, I think that I can use the
> post_linebreak_filter callback and insert a pdf_litteral node whenever
> a change of attribute is detected. But I don't undersand how I can
> insert a new node (all my experiments with node.next or node.prev or
> node.slide did not work, based on trial and error: a not so good
> programming practice I must confess).

you probably need to use some kind of plug in system that your macro 
package provides


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