[luatex] TeXLua as one's Lua interpreter

Kalrish Bäakjen kalrish.baakjen at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 17:29:41 CET 2016

As far as I know, nothing of the kind you describe exists.

1. I recall reading that LuaTeX will switch to another solution for its
UTF-8 support. If this is indeed the plan and the current interface is to
be changed, my guess would be that it will be made to match that of Lua
5.3. However, I can't find anything on this, and don't know how long it
will take, in case this change is in fact planned.

As for 2 and 3, I don't think Lua 5.3 could possibly be modified (nor would
it be desirable, for the same reasons as asking to install support
libraries, unless the changes were upstream), since interface-breaking
changes are not allowed.

TeXLua's UTF-8 support comes from a slightly modified version of slnunicode
(LuaTeX Reference Manual, section 2.3, "Lua modules"), a library which may
be used as well with Lua 5.3, as far as I know. While resorting to this
library would violate your condition not to ask to install a support
library, there may be no other option if you make use of any function
beyond the basic methods provided by Lua 5.3 (e.g. unicode.utf8.match).

As you say, it's easy to check which version one is running under. Would it
be ok for you to create abstractions that use one or the other's methods
under the hood?
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