[luatex] post_linebreak_filter (partly) broken?

Frank Mittelbach morse at mittelbach-online.de
Mon Mar 14 08:43:59 CET 2016

Hi Luigi
> If you have a luatex-only test (as it seems, given that you have  say 
> "no latex") perhaps you can send it offline.
assuming I could reproduce at all :-)

  but at the moment I can't even that --- having modified my code since 
then so much that the behavior I experienced does no longer show up. I 
tried briefly to recreate it along the lines I thought it should be the 
issue but that failed as I said. And right now I have have a deadline 
for a paper coming up so not no time to dig back into earlier versions 
and see what exactly happened there. If at a later stage I will be able 
to do so and recreate the issue (if it is a real one) then sure I can 
probably reduce it to a small number of lines or if not send the lua 
code offline as you suggested

thanks frank

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