[luatex] pdfdecimaldigits < 4

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 16:10:35 CET 2016

Hans wrote
> unless of course you want to have worse output than possible (tex itself
is rather accurate)

Well not really:-)

I was just trying to chase down where the warning was coming from (as it
isn't mentioned in the manual)
and if we're going to ask texlive/miktex to change the default setting for
pdftex whether there is any documentation
of the minimal advisable level, rather than just documenting it as a change
to track changes in luatex.

But in luatex, if there is a minimal value, I think it would be more
natural if pdf.setdecimaldigits(3) warned
(and set to 4) rather than the lua table value being set to 3 with no
warning but then getting a warning from the backend
later (that is, it would seem more natural to me as a user: if that
violates an internal split between backend and main code,
I'll just have to re-align my expectations:-)

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