[luatex] Installing lua modules for luatex

Konstantin Schukraft konstantin at schukraft.org
Mon Aug 29 12:51:55 CEST 2016

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to install additional packages to the lua interpreter within
luatex. After an odyssey of google'ing with about a dozen different
suggestions on how to achieve adding external libraries (or part
thereof), most are way too complicated for my taste, mangling tex
internals etc., and having had partial success at best with this topic I
come here to ask:
why isn't there something comparatively easy like a "luatex-luarocks"
for installing third-party libraries? Would that be problematic to
implement or has just no one had the time to do something like it yet?

Specifically, I tried to install a postgres driver, either
luasql.postgres (a .so compiled for the system lua 5.2), or pgmoon. I
can't manage to get either working. I won't flood the list with all
possible error messages from the different ways I tried to achieve this.
I'd just like to know: has anyone done this successfully?

In my search I also came across the Lua section in the handbook, reading
about the texconfig.kpse_init option, which would preserve the regular
lua searcher/loader. Unfortunately, setting it to false in the lua init
file as suggested results in a core dump with the 0.80.0 version
installed via the OS package manager (I'm on FreeBSD 10.3). I can
reproduce this core dump with the 0.95.0 version I downloaded and
compiled myself. Setting it to true doesn't cause a core dump.

Thank you very much,


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