[luatex] On LuaTeX beta-0.95.0

luigi scarso luigi.scarso at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 11:34:27 CEST 2016

Hi all,
we have put beta-0.95.0 on the luatex svn  already from while,
but the tag is not frozen because:
1) Hans is working on the manual,
2) I keep  source/ in sync with TeXLive (kpathsea files etc ),
3) we fix bugs, of course --- the building process not always goes well on
every the platforms that we support.

The initial plan was to put 0.90.0 for TeXLive, but now we are pretty
confident that 0.95.0 is ok,  and we have no plan to touch the codebase in
source/ (bug fixing apart).
(@Karl: I can keep   Master/texmf-dist/doc/luatex/base in sync, if it's ok
for you)

For those that build from source:
A. Kakuto keeps the TeXLive repo aligned with the luatex repo, assuring
that the windows binaries are ok.
It's clear that, having two repos with the same program,  is a bit hard  to
decide which program is the latest one, so when I import from TeXLive in
the commit message I specify the
revision (e.g.  "sync with TL rev. 40299." );
in the luatex repo, trunk and tags/beta-0.95.0 are always aligned, always
first trunk and immediately after beta-0.95.0.
I found more simple to  have both the repos (texlive and luatex) on my
machine, but it's my choice.

Unfortunately currently the  contextgarden server has some problems,
and  perhaps not all context users have the latest luatex --- not a big
we are working on this.

The formal announcement of Luatex 0.95.0 very likely will be when the
TeXLive is frozen.
around 4may.

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