[luatex] Logging of font names in box log output

David Carlisle d.p.carlisle at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 17:21:34 CEST 2015

With much help from Hans (and ignoring anything other than classic tfm
fonts for now)
I thought I'd close this thread with some successful code. This
reports \b for both x and y
in texlive 2015 luatex, to match pdftex output:

function mydeffont(n,s,i)
  for ii,vv in font.each() do
    if (n == vv.name) then
% and s == vv.size
% need to normalize size representations
% just equality here fails to match
print('font callback: ' .. n .. ' ' .. s .. ' ' .. vv.size)
  return f or font.read_tfm(n,s)


\setbox0\hbox{\a x\b y}

\immediate\write16{a: \number\fontid\a}
\immediate\write16{b: \number\fontid\b}


If I may could I request two additions to the luatex manual?

a) list the new primitive \fontid in section 2.7 (or wherever else you
feel makes sense)

b) document that the define_font callback can return a fontid
(integer) The manual
documents it as returning a table, which meant I didn't know what to do having
detected a duplicate, but I found this text in the changelog which led
to the above.

* The 'define_font' callback interface has changed a little.
It is now:
retval = function (name,size,fontid)

where fontid is the internal font number of the font that
is currently being defined, and retval can be either a table
(as before) or a different, previously defined fontid. This is
useful if a previous definition can be reused instead of
creating a whole new font structure.

Thanks again for the help, I learned quite a bit about luatex font loading:-)


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