[luatex] Allowing or switching to string indexes in Lua bytecode registers

Kalrish Bäakjen kalrish.baakjen at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 15:45:44 CEST 2015

> Thanks for that, I got some conflicts when I tried it, Also I wasn't
> sure if you were testing using the existing luatexbase from ctan
> (which doesn't use ltluatex code) or the version on github that does,
The CTAN version, I think.

> I suspect that we wouldn't want to overload dofile etc in the base
> format (certainly not in the initial releases) however I don't see
> anything in the proposed ltluatex code that would stop you making some
> code along these lines into a package like the existing "mylatex" and
> "mylatexformat" on ctan that overloads the latex package mechanism to
> allow certain packages to be dumped into the format to at the same
> time byte compile and save the package lua code.
Yes, a package or a Lua initialization script seems to be enough for now.

> In particular I was getting errors
> attempt to index global 'luatexbase' (a nil value)
> which I didn't trace completely but I think it's because the ltluatex
> definition wasn't being inserted into everyjob in time
> That is no doubt fixable, but I'd wait until the format code to define
> luatexbase is stable and released before really testing such an
> extension,
That error appeared often with different tables (luatexbase, fontspec,
l3kernel,…), but I think I'll give up for now and wait, as you

Thanks a lot for your help and patience. Good luck with those releases!

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