[luatex] tex.shipout changes in 0.85?

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Mon Nov 23 11:28:23 CET 2015

Hello again,

I am playing with 0.85 and have a question regarding tex.shipout(). Is there any intentional change between 0.79 and 0.85?

I have the following code:

        tex.box[666] = n

and feed it with exactly the same node list in both versions of LuaTeX. While version 0.79 looks OK, the contents in 0.85 is placed outside the media box of the PDF.

This is 0.79:

/F1 9.99988 Tf 1 0 0 1 28.346 804.543 Tm [<0064006100680068006b>]TJ

and this 0.85:

/F1 10 Tf 1 0 0 1 -44 877 Tm [-34<0064006100680068006b>]TJ

I guess that the mailing list does not like attachments, so I've uploaded the node list (visualization as pdf) to


Which is a few vlists/hlists and some glyphs and glues...


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