[luatex] Refuses to page break between section headings

Jonas Olson jolson at kth.se
Fri Mar 27 14:05:22 CET 2015

Den 2015-03-09 21:27, Reinhard Kotucha skrev:
> Well, as far as I understand Jonas, not all sections are empty.  But
> if there are too many empty sections on one page, no pagebreak occurs
> and you get a big overfull \hbox.  Thus, I suppose that DPC's
> suggestion to insert pagebreaks manually (\clearpage) is an
> appropriate solution.

That's correct, and I did end up using manual page breaks. This is the 
end result: <https://copy.com/IunhoT0CaeCWhgWb?download=1>
Thank you all for your help.

> Ulrike, the reason Jonas [ab]uses \section is because this macro
> contains discardable vertical space i.e., the space above the section
> header disappears if the section begins at the top of a page.  This is
> exactly what Jonas wants, hence using \section is appropriate.

Precisely so. Some day, I might learn how to modify \section to allow an 
empty body, or how write my own command that has "discardable vertical 


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