[luatex] Problematic "tounicode" entries for ligatures in luatex-cache

Ulrike Fischer luatex at nililand.de
Wed Mar 11 18:36:42 CET 2015

Am Tue, 10 Mar 2015 00:34:27 +0100 schrieb Valery Yundin:

> Hi,
> There seems to be a problem in how cache files for fonts are saved.
> The font loader (?) writes "tounicode" entries as numbers if they do
> not contain digits A-F. Which means that if such entry has leading
> zeros, they will be lost, because Lua ignores leading zeros in numeric
> literals. This leads to wrong CMap entries in PDF and
> non-copy-pasteable glyphs. (Apparently this problem does not affect
> single code point glyphs, probably because string format has a minimum
> width of 4)
> For example Carlito font has ligature for "ti", which doesn't have
> standard unicode code point and has to be represented as a pair of "t"
> and "i'.
> The luatex generates the following cache file
> $HOME/.cache/texmf/fonts/luatex-cache/generic/fonts/otf/carlito-regular.lua:
> ["tounicode"]={
> ...
> [2210]=00740069,
> ...

I tried with a current texlive 2014 on windows and luaotfload
2014/08/10 v2.5-4 OpenType layout system
, and also in a current
miktex and got with both systems the entry


in carlito-regular.lua. I had no problems to copy & paste the
ligature: Beautiful fjord

Is your system up-to-date?

Ulrike Fischer 

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