[luatex] Refuses to page break between section headings

Jonas Olson jolson at kth.se
Mon Mar 9 11:54:00 CET 2015

Den 2015-03-09 10:55, David Carlisle skrev:
> This is unrelated to luatex.

I see. Thank you so much for replying anyway. For the future, what would 
be the best place to take issues like this? Is it Stack Exchange?

> latex does not break a page after a section heading.

How come it doesn't even break after the heading when the section is 
empty? Is there a switch to change this behaviour?

> If (for some reason) you need a blank document just put some invisible
> paragraph text
> (an empty \mbox{} will do)
> so that latex can break after the blank paragraph.

This unfortunately also creates an actual, empty line, which messes up 
the spacing. Is there something that takes up zero space, but still 
allows for a page break? Otherwise, I suppose I should try to make 
something that just looks like a header (bold, large, spacing around it) 
instead of actually being one.


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