[luatex] [tex-live] lltxplatform integration

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Jun 5 13:32:20 CEST 2015

On 6/5/2015 8:56 AM, Élie Roux wrote:

>> (3) What works for context also can work or other macro packages, but
>> the way things get integrated can differ. So, what works in context
>> might not work in latex or plain and vice versa. The choice for
>> swiglib means that we stick to the original apis but can write macro
>> package specific wrappers around it.
> The main point here I think is distribution: in the future, how will
> ConTeXt ship dso? When will they be released, etc. will
> they be included in snapshots, or will there be some kind of package
> manager?

the garden distribution is a subset of tex live plus some extras and 
users can choose to install additional modules and fonts (which will be 
remembered when as next update happens) ... we could add dll/so to that 
is needed (which then will be compiled along with the luatex binaries so 
there is a consistent set)

>> we already have an infrastructure for compiling for years and
>> swiglibs will be part of it (given demand) .. this is also handy for
>> testing luatex betas (and i'm no too interested in spending time on
>> making sure all we do also works in whatever macro package)
> This is precisely the point: what about things you're not interested in?
> (harfbuzz, lualatex-platform, etc.) Does it mean only you will choose
> the dso present in ConTeXt and thus in TeXLive, or is there a
> possibility to add a dso in TeXLive that is not in ConTeXt?

well, i only provide the standard context files to tex live so if users 
put some other stuff for context in it that is fine for me; but the 
problem is not so much extra libraries but more to make sure they don't 
mess up regular usage; it's not different from adding additional node 
juggling code: it can (and probably will) interfere with core 
functionality and as such is not officially supported (or garanteed to 
work with updated context kernels); for instance, an alternative font 
handler or input file (location) handler is very unlikely to work, 
although the later is easier to plug into the framework)

>> but the reference is always the yearly tl distribution (and it is
>> unlikely that context expects tex live to ship extra libraries fo
>> rits usage)
> So I think the main questions are:
> - can dso run in TeXLive's "luatex" command?

i suppose so

> - if so, what restrictions? how to compile the libraries so that they
> respect openout_any, etc.?

i dunno

> - how are the dso compiled and distributed? Provided as binaries by
> ConTeXt (preventing inclusions of dso that ConTeXt is not interested in)
> or compiled by TeXLive?

context has its own loading mechanism (and sandboxing model) so if there 
is demand i can add or lift all kind of restrictions via the 
configuration file



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