[luatex] an issue with \rpcode

Mittelbach, Frank frank.mittelbach at latex-project.org
Sat Oct 11 17:07:53 CEST 2014

while trying to make Taco's linebreaker code I came across some behavior 
that I found rather weird

in essense it looks as if \rpcode is not ending up in the char table 
unless \lpcode for the same char is set first (and non-zero)


%\lpcode\font 50 = 1
\rpcode\font 50 = 200
\efcode\font 50 = 333

local function FMItable (name,t)
     print ("---- looking at table ", name, tostring(t))
       for k, v in pairs(t) do
	print("    ", k,"=", tostring(v))
  FMItable("char 50",font.fonts[font.current()].characters[50])



if you uncomment the lpcode line then both values show up. But what is 
puzzling me even more is that if I change the values and then run this 
directlua bit again, nothing changes (could of course be that I should 
define FMItable differently but ...

anybody any clue?



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