[luatex] Luaotfload still (or again?) broken in current TeXLive 2013 (frozen)

Ulrike Fischer luatex at nililand.de
Wed May 7 08:38:52 CEST 2014

Am Mon, 5 May 2014 20:52:48 +0200 schrieb Wolfgang Keller:

> Hello,
> the luaotfload manual claims:
>> Font names database
>> As mentioned above, luaotfload keeps track of which fonts are
>> available to LuaTEX by means of a database. This allows referring to
>> fonts not only by explicit filenames but also by the proper names
>> contained in the metadata which is often more accessible to humans.
>> When luaotfload is asked to load a font by a font name, it will check
>> if the database exists and load it, or else generate a fresh one.
>> Should it then fail to locate the font, an update to the database is
>> performed in case the font has been added to the system only
>> recently. As soon as the database is updated, the resolver will try
>> and look up the font again, all without user intervention. The goal
>> is for luaotfload to act in the background and behave as
>> unobtrusively as possible, while providing a convenient interface to
>> the fonts installed on the system.
> The part "without user intervention" is obviously not true, because
> for the umpteenth time I had to run a manual 
> luaotfload-tool --update
> because luaotfload complained that it could not find some latin modern
> font despite the fact that the document was *not* using any of the
> latin modern fonts at all. In fact the "minimal" test document I used
> to reproduce the error was *empty*.

If you are using fontspec it would try to load latin modern at
latest at the \normalfont command in \begin{document}. 

> So I would recommend that you either fix the software or the
> documentation.

I would recommend that you make better bug reports. luaotfload is
obviously working fine for quite a number of people, so there is
something special to your document or your system. A minimal
document and log-files are needed. You should also describe if you
tried to update the database manually and if this succeded (and if
not if you blacklisted all problematic fonts as described in the

> A luaotfload-tool --version yields:

luaotfload is about system fonts. So you should also mention your

Ulrike Fischer 

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