[luatex] Luaotfload still (or again?) broken in current TeXLive 2013 (frozen)

Wolfgang Keller feliphil at gmx.net
Mon May 5 20:52:48 CEST 2014


the luaotfload manual claims:

> Font names database
> As mentioned above, luaotfload keeps track of which fonts are
> available to LuaTEX by means of a database. This allows referring to
> fonts not only by explicit filenames but also by the proper names
> contained in the metadata which is often more accessible to humans.
> When luaotfload is asked to load a font by a font name, it will check
> if the database exists and load it, or else generate a fresh one.
> Should it then fail to locate the font, an update to the database is
> performed in case the font has been added to the system only
> recently. As soon as the database is updated, the resolver will try
> and look up the font again, all without user intervention. The goal
> is for luaotfload to act in the background and behave as
> unobtrusively as possible, while providing a convenient interface to
> the fonts installed on the system.

The part "without user intervention" is obviously not true, because
for the umpteenth time I had to run a manual 

luaotfload-tool --update

because luaotfload complained that it could not find some latin modern
font despite the fact that the document was *not* using any of the
latin modern fonts at all. In fact the "minimal" test document I used
to reproduce the error was *empty*.

So I would recommend that you either fix the software or the

Or, if it has already been fixed in some version that has not been
uploaded to CTAN, then I recommend fixing the process of updating the
package there.

A luaotfload-tool --version yields:
> luaotfload-tool:
>         Luaotfload font management and diagnostic utility.
>         License: GNU GPL v2.0.
>         Report problems to
> <https://github.com/lualatex/luaotfload/issues>
> luaotfload-tool version "2.4-3"
> revision "bd307a8fe8047d322317037c1a832720c236fb48"
> database version "2.41"
> Lua interpreter: stock; version "Lua 5.2"
> Luatex SVN revision 4627
> Luatex version 0.76.0




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