[luatex] [NTG-context] Problem with luaotfload and positioning of primes

Philipp Gesang philipp.gesang at alumni.uni-heidelberg.de
Wed Jul 30 18:53:11 CEST 2014

···<date: 2014-07-30, Wednesday>···<from: Jura Pintar>···

> Thank you for the super-fast fix! 

It was Hans who fixed it, all credit belongs to him. I intend to
upload a fixed Luaotfload to CTAN during the weekend.

> It does the trick in general, but doesn't quite solve my own problem because
> it reveals a new problem (I think) in unicode-math, which prevents ssty from
> being applied correctly when one manually specifies fonts according to
> optical size with { Script=Math , SizeFeatures={...} }.

Can you post an MWE? I’ll have to check what that looks like at
the Luaotfload end. IIUC the size “feature” shouldn’t conflict
with other features because it’s somewhat eccentric, to put it
mildly. But then, what math font comes in optical sizes?

>                                                         But that's probably
> off-topic here.

Nothing out of the ordinary on this list ;-)


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