[luatex] Problem with luaotfload and positioning of primes

Philipp Gesang Philipp.Gesang at alumni.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Jul 28 22:56:36 CEST 2014

(CC’ing the Context list.)

···<date: 2014-07-28, Monday>···<from: Jura Pintar>···

> Do you have a prediction about how long it will take before a fix is
> released?

No, sorry. What I do have though is the culprit:

      c70b2e466bbb07e976f8684d56ae4e5398169e7d is the first bad commit
      commit c70b2e466bbb07e976f8684d56ae4e5398169e7d
      Author: Hans Hagen <pragma at wxs.nl>
      Date:   Sat Mar 22 15:31:00 2014 +0100

          beta 2014.03.22 15:31


See the commit diff [0].

@Hans: Here is a minimal example for Luatex-Plain:


With the last good commit (244a447.. dated 2014.02.14 in the
Garden repo) both primes are typeset correctly. With c70b2e46..
-- which is unfortunately the first snapshot after Marious’
mirror went dark -- the second one doesn’t take the ssty feature
into account.

Best regards,

[0] https://bitbucket.org/phg/context-mirror/commits/c70b2e466bbb07e976f8684d56ae4e5398169e7d

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