[luatex] concerning lccodes

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Thu Jan 9 20:28:06 CET 2014

> sorry, this a plain TeX question (didn't read the interesting chapters
> of the TeXbook).  Are lccodes language dependent?  I can only see a
> single table tex.lccode in LuaTeX.

I can't give you an authoritative answer, but no, the lccodes are not language dependent.

> What I want is to get the lccode of characters from glyph nodes, which
> might be of various languages.  I'm currently doing something like
>  lc = tex.getlccode(n.char)
> but shouldn't n.lang be taken into account in the conversion?

IMO it should.

> And BTW, what information is provided in field uchyph in glyph nodes?

from the TeX book:

If the starting letter is not lowercase (i.e., if it doesn’t equal its own \lccode), hyphenation is abandoned unless \uchyph is positive.

>From LuaTeX's manual:

Because the \uchyph value is saved in the actual nodes, its handling is subtly different from TEX82: changes to \uchyph become effective immediately, not at the end of the current partial paragraph.

I don't know if uchyph must be true within the whole word or just the upper case character at the beginning.


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