[luatex] [tex-live] luaotfload-database.lua error with TeXLive SVN

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Wed Feb 5 19:23:30 CET 2014

>> I've explicitly mentioned in my first mail that I've removed
>> everything related to luatex from `.texlive2013'...
> In my texlive the cache is not in .texlive2013 but in texmf-var.

Ah, ok.  This is Windows vs. Unix – I have `texmf-var' in the
`.texlive2013' directory.

>> It's rather the fact that luaotfload is apparently not able to
>> handle old Chinese fonts, for example `avkv.ttf'.  [...]
> You can also blacklist problematic fonts.

Certainly, but this is a sub-optimal solution, I reckon.  Note that
older versions of luaotfload did *not* cause a problem; the problem
has been introduced recently

>> Who is responsible for this program?  Neither --version nor --help
>> gives any contact (which is also a bug IMHO).
> luaotfload has a documentation that you get with the standard
> texdoc.  It mentions names and a webpage.

I know that, thanks.  But again, this is sub-optimal.  Contrary to the
issue with the Chinese fonts this should be rather easy to fix :-)


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