[luatex] Problems with ligatures and kerning under LuaTeX 0.79.1 when using certain fonts

Mico Loretan mico.loretan at mac.com
Sat Apr 26 13:53:04 CEST 2014

Greetings all!

I have a MacBookPro that runs MacOSX 10.9.2. I have both MacTeX2013 and TeXLive2014/dev installed on this system. Consider the following MWE:

    % !TEX TS-program = lualatex
    \setmainfont[Ligatures={Common,Rare}]{Hoefler Text}
    ff fi fl ffi ffl fj ct st

    To VAW

When compiling this program under TeXLive2014/dev, which employs LuaTeX 0.79.1, none of the ligatures are being created, and there's no extra kerning between the "T" and the "o" in "To", or between the letters in the triple "VAW". In contrast, there are no kerning and ligaturing problems if I (a) compile it under MacTeX2013, which uses LuaTeX 0.76.0; (b) use XeLaTeX under TeXLive2014/dev; or (c) use other fonts (such as "Latin Modern Roman") with the TeXLive2014dev/LuaTeX 0.79.1 combo. Incidentally, the list of files that are loaded when running either MacTeX2013/LuaTeX0.76 or TeXLive2014/LuaTeX0.79.1 is identical; the difference in behavior thus does not seem to be due to differences in, say, versions of the luaotfload package. I've also tried deleting the cache before recompiling with TeXLive2014, but still no luck.

What needs to be done to (re)enable kerning and ligaturing if I want to use the font "Hoefler Text"?

I seem to recall a recent announcement -- either on this list or somewhere else, I honestly can't remember where -- that AAT font support was going to be dropped from LuaTeX. At the time I didn't understand what that might entail in practice. Given that the ligaturing and kerning works fine under XeLaTeX 2014 (which is known to make use of OS-level font support), I'm now concerned that the problems I'm encountering are related to the new lack of AAT font technology support.

Sincerely, Mico

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