[luatex] Hash tokens meaning

TK motarecuk at seznam.cz
Thu May 30 11:56:47 CEST 2013

I think the misunderstanding starts here:

«I knew TeX didn't have support for unicode, and I thought that lualatex
translated into TeX, which produced an output.»

Sensei is writing about LuaLaTeX, not LuaTeX…


Dne 29.5.2013 18:04, Arthur Reutenauer napsal(a):
>> That was my understanding of reading, for instance, the wiki page.
>   Is there any particular place on the Wikipedia page that made you
> think that?  It's always worth improving.  The very first sentence reads
> 	LuaTeX is a TeX-based computer typesetting system which started
> 	as a version of pdfTeX with a Lua scripting engine embedded.
> where the expression "TeX-based" can possibly be misunderstood to mean
> that LuaTeX is a layer on top of TeX, but the end of the sentence does
> call it "a version of pdfTeX" and the first section of the article
> ("Objective of the project") should clear any misunderstanding that the
> phrase "TeX-based" may have introduced.
>   The first sentence of http://wiki.luatex.org/ describes LuaTeX as
> "a typesetting engine derived from TeX"; I'm not really sure offhand
> which expression is better.
>> If it's a collection of macros for simplifying life with TeX, then
>> it would "translate" to TeX what I write.
>   Just to make things overwhelmingly clear: you've now understood that
> LuaTeX is not a collection of macros for simplifying life with TeX,
> right?
> 	Arthur

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