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On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 3:06 PM, Sensei <senseiwa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am trying to grasp the meaning of the hash tokens I find in a latex
> document. I am a novice TeX user, so please bear with my (almost surely)
> stupid questions: I've only used LaTeX, and never looked into the pit :)
> - First of all, I find many tokens that contain @ or ! or ^, for example
> "tagsleft at false", "ps at headings", "\T1\^-\i", or "!!stringa": do these
> characters have a special meaning?
> - Why do I have so many "blank" tokens? At the end of this you'll find a
> sample from a dump file viewed from emacs, so an encoding of special
> characters is visible.
> -Are tokens as "<5><6><7><8><9>gen*cmbx<10><**
> 10.95>cmbx10<12><14.4><17.28><**20.74><24.88>cmbx12" real, or is it some
> kind of "encoding" that I see?
> - Are these tokens portable? I mean, a friend of mine on windows will
> produce the very same tokens with the same document?
> - All \label{something} seem to be processed as token "r at something". Is
> this real, or just my imagination?
> Again, I am sorry to ask such trivial questions, but I didn't find
> anything anywhere on the internals of TeX!
> Thanks & Cheers!
> ===BEGIN===
> luatexattributedef
> sffamily
> ^A
> tracingoutput
> ^H
> ^K
> macc at palette
> ^M
> ^L
> ^N
> @currdir
> makesm at sh
> pdftrue
> ?\textless
> ====END====

I have to admit that I don't uderstand which files are you reading...

For the characters @ ^ etc you should search for \makeatletter just start
to understand the catcodes
but for the text between BEGIN/END ..what is it ? A   lualatex / luatex fmt
file ?
If it's a luatex format file (I guess, after all this is  the luatex ml)
you should see also the macro used for the dump.
About portability of the format, well yes and no. See Hardware and memory dumps

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