[luatex] Behaviour of pdf.print changed?

Arno Trautmann Arno.Trautmann at gmx.de
Wed May 22 22:38:52 CEST 2013


Paul Isambert wrote:
> If the line
>      pdf.print("\string\n")
> is in a Lua file, there shouldn’t be any “\string” at all, which is useful only
> with \directlua; here this results in the unexisting character “\s”
> followed by “tring\n”.

It was in a Lua file. I got rid of the \string, now everything works. 
Thanks for the hint.

> So the code was wrong from the beginning, however you didn’t notice
> the error because in Lua 5.1 “\s” is not an invalid sequence, whereas
> it is in Lua 5.2.

Good to know …


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