[luatex] on some special glyph nodes

Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Sat Mar 23 11:31:19 CET 2013


some of the ASCII characters are ambiguous in their meaning, e.g.,
APOSTROPHE (0x27) or HYPHEN-MINUS (0x2d).  AFAIK, Unicode standard
recommends to convert such code points to their most useful unambiguous
interpretation, e.g., APOSTROPHE 0x27 => RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK
0x2019.  In output, if existent, 0x27 should then be rendered as a
vertical line instead of an apostrophe.

In node lists, that is after the above mentioned conversion, under what
circumstances can glyph nodes still happen to represent ambiguous code
points?  Is there some input for LuaTeX that generates such glyphs other
than via node list manipulation?

Additionally, Unicode standard contains many code points representing
various forms of spaces, such as SPACE, NON-BREAKING SPACE, THIN SPACE
etc.  AFAIK, traditional TeX doesn't make use of spacing characters, but
always does absolute positioning of black ink in output.

In node lists, under what circumstances can glyph nodes represent
spacing characters?

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

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