[luatex] luaotfload problems (MiKTeX/Windows 7)

Jura Pintar pintar at post.harvard.edu
Sun Jun 30 21:16:04 CEST 2013

I’ve also been having trouble with luaotfload since the last round of 
MiKTeX updates on Windows 7 (like Evan Cooch in the long thread). Both 
with the original and the patched luaotfload-database.lua the following 

1) Running luaotfload-tool --update --force -vvv as User (from 
C:\Users\<USERNAME> by default), the process exits with

luaotfload | db: Scanning TEXMF and OS fonts...
luaotfload | db: Entering directory C:/users/<USERNAME>
luaotfload | db: scanning directory C:/users/<USERNAME>
luaotfload | db: scanning directory C:/Users/<USERNAME>
luaotfload | db: scanning directory C:/Users/<USERNAME>luaotfload-tool: 
Windows API
error 3: The system cannot find the path specified.
luaotfload-tool: Data: C:/Users/<USERNAME>/AppData/Local/Application 
on Data/Application Data/Application Data/Application Data/Application 
ication Data/<PATH TO A FOLDER IN AppData\Local>

There is no “Apllication Data” folder in AppData\Local, and I’ve not 
been able to figure out why it stops on the particular folder that it 
does. The only notable thing about it, as far as I can tell, is that 
it’s the first folder in AppData\Local whose path contains a folder with 
both a space and a hyphen in its name. However, if I temporarily rename 
that folder to remove the space, it stops on a different folder with 
spaces but without any hyphens in the path (neither of these are the 
first folder in AppData\Local with spaces in the path, and I there’s 
nothing distinguished about the name of the second folder it hangs on as 
far as I can tell).

A directory C:\Users\<USERNAME>\$TEXMFCACHE\luatex-cache\generic is 
created and it is empty.

2) Running luaotfload-tool --update --force -vvv as Admin (from 
C:\Windows\system32 by default), the process terminates successfully and 
luaotfload-names.lua and luaotfload-names.luc are created. However, 
they’re located in 

3) Running luaotfload-tool --update --force -vvv as Admin from 
C:\Users\<USERNAME> crashes the same was as running it as a User.

4) Running luaotfload-tool --update --force -vvv as either Admin or User 
from C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\MiKTeX, the process terminates 
successfully and
and luaotfload-names.lua and luaotfload-names.luc are created. But now 
they’re placed in 



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>>> Please try the attached patch for luaotfload.
>> OK - if you tell me what to do with the patch. If this was a Linux
>> machine, I know how to apply patches. This is a Windows machine - do
>> I need to run something, or simply copy and paste from the patch
>> into something else?
>> Thanks!
> Sorry, I didn?t consider that. Here?s the patched file:
>      https://gist.github.com/phi-gamma/5894615
> Best regards,
> Philipp

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