[luatex] luaotfload-tool lists fonts in subfolders

Philipp Gesang Philipp.Gesang at alumni.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Jul 22 22:23:25 CEST 2013

···<Datum: Monday, 22. July 2013>···<Von: Ulrike Fischer>···

> During a test I run into the following problem:
> The luaotfload-names.lua created by miktex contains pathes of
> subfolders of my test document (the document is in z-test, and this
> folder is a complete jungle of various subfolders, and imho z-temp
> got there only due to some faulty mouse click):
> g:/z-test/z-temp/biolinum_re-0.3.7.otf
> Running the same document with texlive doesn't give this pathes in
> the cache file. So where do they come from?

Does not happen here, neither with native Linux nor Wine, so all
I can offer is speculation:

1. $OSFONTDIR includes “.”;
2. in your document you specify a local font directory (via
   fontspec) that is included with aux.scan_external_dir();
3. there’s a symlink in one of your font directories leading to
   that subdirectory or the font files therein.

If none of the above applies, then how exactly did you generate
the names database? Can you reproduce it and do you have a log?


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