[luatex] MacTex 2013 + updates, typesetting with lualatex takes ages

Stefan Krüger stadtkind2 at gmx.de
Wed Jul 10 23:10:07 CEST 2013


after running tlmgr update --all, typesetting (all my documents!) the
following the document with lualatex:

Hello, world.

takes ages here. :(

real	0m53.85s
user	0m50.92s
sys	0m2.24s

Adding the following line

\setmainfont{Helvetica Neue}

makes it crawl even more:

real	11m35.54s
user	11m6.48s
sys	0m22.06s

The lualatex process spins on 1 CPU with ~ 100 % user. Any idea what could
cause this?

PS: xelatex and pdflatex are fine



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