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Akira Kakuto <kakuto at ...> writes:



> > Basically, now, every time I try to compile something, it re-runs  luaotfload.


> I attach a patch by H. Kitagawa for the latest luaotfload: luaotfload.diff.gz.


> Thanks,

> Akira


> Attachment (luaotfload.diff.gz): application/x-gzip, 565 bytes



I had the same problem as the above people. After updating compilation was impossible. Compilations stopped without warning and without error message. But I identified the problem.


The update overwrites the "otfl-blacklist.cnf"-file located in my windows folder c:\Programme\Miktex 2.9b\tex\luatex\luaotfload or where it is on your texfm


I had blacklisted there Lingoes.ttf, a font of a free Dictionary, url: http://www.lingoes.net. Located at my system here: C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\Lingoes.ttf The software seem to be only available for Windows, so it's a Windows only problem.


I have no clue why making a database, Luatex doesn't like Lingoes.ttf. After blacklisting this font again in "otfl-blacklist.cnf", compilations works again without any problem.


Regards to all, hope this helps.




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