[luatex] Adobe-Identity-0 fonts in LuaTeX

Kazuki Maeda kmaeda at amp.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Oct 28 12:21:30 CET 2012


I tried the following code with context. The result was same: no glyphs were displayed.


I also tried to output all information of KentenGeneric.otf provided by fontloader.

  local font = fontloader.open('/usr/share/fonts/KentenGeneric.otf')
  local metrics = fontloader.to_table(font)
  table.tofile('kenten.lua', metrics)

I attach the result 'kenten.lua'.
It seems that kenten.dat does not include any map data between CID and Unicode.

By the way, test-xetex.pdf looks fine, but I found a problem.
I tried to copy the text in the PDF, then I got:
"<U+0002><U+0003><U+0004><U+0005><U+0006><U+0007><U+0008>  <U+000B>".

Best regards,
Kazuki Maeda
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