[luatex] luatex misalignment of certain diacritics in certain LaTeX environments

Benjamin Slade slade at jnanam.net
Tue Nov 20 01:31:38 CET 2012

I've noticed that certain diacritics---including over-dots, under-rings,
but not acute accents or macrons---are misaligned by the luatex engine
when they occur in tabular or hbox environments (and also in the
linguistics example/glossing packages linguex and expex). When compiled
with xetex, these misalignments do not occur.

 Is this a known issue?

 I include a (fairly)
minimal illustrative example below. (Compare alignment of over-dot and
under-ring in source and in luatex vs xetex outputs.)

+----------begin example----------------+

%%% Local Variables: 
%%% TeX-engine: luatex
%%% End: 



\setmainfont{Linux Libertine}
\setsansfont[Scale=MatchLowercase]{Linux Biolinum}



\noindent \underline{Not misaligned in normal environment}\footnote{Except something funny is happening w/ the mono/typewriter text, but perhaps that's a font-specific issue}\\

āsyàṁ mádhunā mr̥taṁ

\textit{āsyàṁ mádhunā mr̥taṁ}

\textbf{āsyàṁ mádhunā mr̥taṁ}

\textsc{āsyàṁ mádhunā mr̥taṁ}

\textsf{āsyàṁ mádhunā mr̥taṁ}

\texttt{āsyàṁ̇ mádhunā mr̥taṁ}\\

\exg. āsyàṁ̇ mádhunā mr̥taṁ\\
 mouth.\textsc{neu.nom.sg} honey.\textsc{instr} dead.\textsc{neu.nom.sg}\\
\trans ``the mouth, killed with honey''

\noindent \underline{Misaligned in Tabular:}\\
  misaligned & mr̥taṁ & āsyàṁ̇ \\

\noindent \underline{Misaligned in hbox:}\\
\hbox{mr̥taṁ āsyàṁ̇}

% \underline{expex:}\\
% \ex
% \begingl
% \gla āsyàṁ mádhunā mr̥taṁ//
% \glb mouth.\textsc{neu.nom.sg} honey.\textsc{instr} dead.\textsc{neu.nom.sg}//
% \glft ``the mouth, killed with honey''//
% \endgl
% \xe


+----------end example-----------------+

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