[luatex] incompatible change to mathcode

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed May 9 13:46:03 CEST 2012

On 05/09/2012 12:42 PM, David Carlisle wrote:
>> The world is still just as safe a place to live in with this luatex
>> bug in it. And actually, it helps if these bugs are reported in the
>> tracker ;)
> Well yes although it isn't really a bug (in that it was presumably
> implemented as designed) rather than (I claim) a questionable design
> decision when you take legacy code into account. Which is why I raised
> it on this discussion list rather than as a bug.

Well, in luatex tries to be 100% compatible with XeTeX (where
applicable) and in this case it clearly wasn't, so that qualifies
as a bug. As was the missing \Umathcharnumdef that I added this
morning btw.

> Given that bm has been completely stable for 20 years, it's not that big
> a deal to have to update it for the unicode age, but it would be good
> (for bm, and for every other math package author) if that only needs to
> be done once. My main concern was that was not the case. But actually if
> I understand the replies correctly I should be able to share the code
> for xelatex and lualatex so long as I avoid \mathcode once I have
> detected either of them?

I think so, but I have no knowledge of the internals of bm.

Best wishes,

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