[luatex] Italic correction for normal text with LuaLaTex

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Sun Mar 11 16:59:52 CET 2012

Bernhard Tempel <bernhard.tempel at freenet.de> a écrit:
> Hello,
> as Source2e states, the LaTeX font change commands with argument like 
> \emph{foo} "automatically take care of any necessary italic correction
> on either side of the argument" ([1] The LaTeX2e sources [2011/06/27], p. 
> 190). Using pdfTeX this works with some fonts like Latin Modern or MinionPro. 
> Unfortunately with luaTeX italic correction in normal text seems not to work 
> at all. Take a look at the minimal working example following.
> I noticed some earlier discussion about italic correction with lua(La)TeX and 
> math mode, but this doesn't apply here. As I'm only LaTeX user it's difficult 
> for me to analyze this more in depth. There are fonts where even pdfTeX has no 
> italic correction as the font metrics don't include the necessary values, e.g. 
> Linux Libertine. My hope was changing to luaTeX, using otf fonts, would solve 
> this - which is not the case as I had to realize.
> Any ideas?

Italic correction is a concept related to TFM fonts; OTF fonts do not
have such a parameter by default. However, it can be calculated, and
apparently luaotfload (the fontloader you must be using) doesn't do


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