[luatex] Italic correction for normal text with LuaLaTex

Bernhard Tempel bernhard.tempel at freenet.de
Sun Mar 11 20:54:32 CET 2012

Am 11.03.2012 18:48, schrieb Khaled Hosny:
>  The concept of italic correction does not exist in OpenType fonts (it
>  is a character propriety in TFM files, with no correspondence in
>  OpenType), so it will only work with TFM fonts.

And only with those TFM fonts which have information on italic correction 
values for each glyph, so Source2e statement on automatic italic correction 
seems too general...

>  "luaotfload" has an `itlc` option that would try to guess an italic
>  correction for glyphs when loading the fonts. I've no idea how
>  reliable is it.
>  Try \setmainfont[RawFeature={+itlc}]{Latin Modern Roman}, it seems
>  to make a noticeable improvement.

Thanks a lot for this. It really makes an improvement. In some cases the 
guessed glue is to big, but better results would be very difficult to reach 
when using heuristics. To calculate the extreme "\emph{f}!" combination works 
fine; with the less extreme combination "\emph{f}:" the kerning could be more 
tight, but I can see that the guessed value must be the the same as for 

>  If you are using ConTeXt, Hans has some experimental features for
>  automatic italic correction, see
>  http://www.pragma-ade.com/preliminaries/hybrid-italics.pdf.

Seems interesting, but as I am usually writing texts using biblatex, I can't 
use ConTeXt.

Best regards,



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