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Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Thu Mar 1 17:09:35 CET 2012

FYI: On the ghostscript-devel list I came accross this announcement.
Don't be frightened by the language: Google can translate catalan. :-)

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From: Marc Antoni Malagarriga i Picas <marcantoni at femfum.com>
Date: 2012/3/1
Subject: Re: [gs-devel] Separating PDF layers with ghostscript
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Hi Simone,

Al 01/03/12 8:06, En/na simonecesano at libero.it ha escrit:

> I need to separate layers in PDF files (created in adobe illustrator) into
> different files - pdf or raster - via the command line.

You can try our open source CaLi2CoPi library (PostScript code),
online via Ghostscript, to separate in PDF layers different graphic
elements (vectors, XObjects, inLine images, text, shading patterns and
FormXObjects), upload a PDF file e voilà...
...this is one of several specialized flags that performs jobs inside
PDF files. Here you have the project in SF...


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