[luatex] print versus tex.print

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Mon Jan 23 16:24:30 CET 2012

Am 23.01.2012 15:47, schrieb Paul Isambert:

>> \directlua{table.foreach(os.date("!*t"),function(...)
>> tex.print(tostring(...) end)}
>> \bye
> Or use a test like "type(<arg>) == 'boolean'". Note that table.foreach

I alread had tostring() but I thought there might be
an easier solution.

> is deprecated in Lua 5.1 and should be removed from 5.2 (see:
> http://lua-users.org/lists/lua-l/2010-11/msg00661.html). And LuaTeX

oh, I like that ... :-( it is not mentioned in
that it will be deprecated.


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