[luatex] parshape

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Wed Feb 29 08:42:32 CET 2012

>> right, and that the parameters have to be calculated to scaled points,
> instead of given as glue.
> On the other hand, I understand that this is just the intrinsic formula
> for luatex programming, and in this context, the list is completely
> understandable in the the format, given above.

in LuaTeX (on the lua side) everything works with scaled points (when a <dimen> is expected).

For example, when you create a new kern node:

k = node.new("kern")
k.kern = 2 * 2^16 -- that is 2 TeX points

I confused <dimen> in the explanation in the TeXbook with <glue>. Thus I assumed glue_spec nodes in the parshape table of tex.linebreak().


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