[luatex] FYI: visual debugging in LuaLaTeX

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Thu Feb 23 15:13:12 CET 2012

Patrick Gundlach <patrick at gundla.ch> a écrit:
> > I hate to spoil the beauty of it with remarks, but I can't help it:
> > given that everything is done in Lua, I suppose, why does it require
> > LaTeX at all? Plain TeX users can definitely use that.
> I don't know how to get the output box when using plain :-) I guess the module should be called when inside \output{...}, right?

I don't know yet how your module works, but I suppose that is so. If you
want to catch the output box just when it's being shipped out, then
hacking \shipout is the best solution. But I'd rather recommend having a
function that applies your coloring to any box, which function plain TeX
users may apply at will to the output box (and to anything else:
actually it'd be nice if you could apply that to just a part of the

> And yes, I'll put something into the wiki _and_ use it as an TUGboat article (at least I submit it). - when I find some time.


> > with me: `Patrick, an article! Patrick, an article!' (French readers
> > shall *not* lengthen the `i' in `Patrick'.)
> They may, I was born in France and thus my name was originally with a long i :)

Oh, that's not a matter of vowel length (actually the short/long vowel
opposition is not distinctive in French). I was alluding to a French
singer, firstname Patrick, who at some point in his career was particularly
favored by teenage girls reportedly crying `Patriiiiiiiiick' at his
concerts. Which cry remains attached to the singer. (If there exists
an award for the biggest off-topic of the year, I think I've just won


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