[luatex] The effect of \pardir and \textdir on \indent and \parfillskip

Ulrike Fischer luatex at nililand.de
Wed Dec 12 17:50:16 CET 2012

Am Wed, 12 Dec 2012 15:52:07 +0000 schrieb Joseph Wright:

>> You can see that also the "A" is on the left (and the Z on the
>> right). So the direction of words are not changed. Only the lines
>> are moved to the right -- which hasn't much effect on lines with a
>> width equal to textwidth.
>  What I found odd was that I'd view the \indent as
> a part of the 'shape within a paragraph', in the same way that say
> \rightskip is (used to alter what happens *within* any 'outer' \parshape
> or \hangindent). However, it's treated as part of the text itself, not
> the shaping. 

I now see what you mean. I personally do find it quite natural, that
\parindent is "attached" to the first word of the paragraph. 

I find the result of this (in a latex document) much more


Only the last line is on the right ;-(. 

Ulrike Fischer 

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