[luatex] another mlist callback

Frank Kuehnel kuehnelf at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 02:13:45 CEST 2011

I recently started playing with LuaTex to see whether it is suitable for addressing the following problem:

For every math formula in a document I'd like to generate an equivalent content MathML expression and write
it out into a separate file. Content MathML doesn't require any style elements.

I thought the mlist_hlist callback function may be suitable for this task. However, I couldn't find any suitable
examples on how to use the mlist_to_hlist callback. I also looked briefly into the code base: "texmath.w".

Here, it seems like that the after_math function could neatly implement another mlist related callback, right after
the call to the fin_mlist routine (line 2249). The proposed callback function would take an mlist as the argument and return
either the same mlist or a modified mlist, which would then be processed into an hlist.

I just put out this idea for discussion to see whether somebody else has a better idea?


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